Adios Amigos y Amigas 

Hello friends,

Change is is the only constant and time for change has come to our wonderful band. Julie and I will be fulfilling a long time wish to return to our beloved southwest with a move to Albuquerque, New Mexico (the land of enchantment) in early November. We have been so very fortunate to make so many valued friends here in Minnesota and Wisconsin who have supported the Guilty Pleasures for many years. To all of you we say thank you for all the great memories throughout the years and know that you will be missed.

We have been doubly blessed to play with some great musicians who have made the journey so much fun and worthwhile. John Kurtis Dehn is without a doubt the most complete musician I have ever played with. A master at every instrument he plays with a dedicatton to making every song, lyric sung, sound and recording the very best. Bassist Bradley Smith brought a unique style that is always right on time with his own signature heart beat. We just don't have words that can really express how lucky we are to have had both John and Bradley along for the trip. They will always have a special place in our hearts.

Our last show will be November 1st at Casket Arts but we still have quite few shows to play before then so please check our schedule here on the website or on Facebook. Again thanks for your love and support.

Always your friends

Bernie and Julie


Bernie King and the Guilty Pleasures might be tough to bracket but they sure are easy to enjoy. A little bit blues, a little bit bluegrass, a little bit rock, and a little bit kitchen sink, a style of music that some fans have come to call “blues-grass”. You'll hear some great original songs inspired by the styles of Shane McGowan, Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, and Bill Monroe. With a rough and tumble mix of guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, washboard, snare drum, and accordion.

Need a dose of good times? Bernie King and the Guilty Pleasures are what the doctor orders. 
Bernie King – singing, guitar, harmonica, songwriting
John Kurtis Dehn – guitar, mandolin, banjo, singing
Julie King – percussion, accordion
Bradley Smith - bass

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ENKI Brewing

ENKI Brewing, 1495 Stieger Lake Ln, Victoria, MN 55386

Join us for the Annual ENKI Oktoberfest! Authentic German-style Beer, Food, live music performances by Bernie King and the Guilty Pleasures (hey that's us) and lots of fun. Bonus! We’ve doubled the number of our souvenir mugs from last year. Be sure to grab yours before they run out!

Bernie King and the Guilty Pleasures

Canon River Winery, 421 Mill St W, Cannon Falls, MN 55009

Wine, wine, wine.... fun, fun, fun.

Bernie King and the Guilty Pleasures

Hells Kitchen, 80 South 9th St., Minneapolis, MN

We've enjoyed playing here for many years so come on down for our farewell performance at the kitchen in hell!

Bernie King and the Guilty Pleasures

Goat Ridge Brewing Company, 17 Central Ave. West, New London, MN

Nearly Halloween so dress and conduct yourself appropriately. Oh and have a brew or two... see ya there!!!